In Fall 2019, I spent 6 weeks in the central Arctic as part of the ambitious MOSAiC Expedition — also known as the Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate.

I joined 19 grad studentMOSAiC-School_72dpi_RGBs from 12 countries aboard the icebreaker RV Akademik Fedorov! Our ship supported the RV Polarstern, which will conduct research in the Arctic for an entire year while frozen in drifting sea ice. The goal of this groundbreaking expedition is to investigate atmosphere – sea ice – ocean dynamics to better understand Arctic climate. It is the first year-round expedition to investigate the coupled Arctic climate system.

My role was as an Outreach Ambassador. On this ship, we attended lectures on Arctic climate, biogeochemistry, and education and outreach. We also received media training from the journalists on board.

I’m incredibly grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity!