Toolik Lake is Ice-Free!

I am very excited to announce that I co-won the 2nd Annual Toolik Lake Ice Classic! Participants were asked to guess what day Toolik Lake would officially become ice-free. Since 2000, ice-off has occurred as early as June 8th and as late as June 28th. Over 300 hopefuls entered guesses. I, along with 10 other lucky people, chose correctly: June 23rd, 2014!

During my stint as a Lakes researcher at the Toolik Field Station in summer 2012, I spent many hours on Toolik Lake each week collecting limnological data. I like to think that this connection helped me to be in tune with the lake and guess correctly!

Congrats to the other winners! Grace Wilkinson, Heather Spaulding, Heikki Henttonen, Helge Tangen, Jeff Kerby, Kirsten S. Chrisoffersen, Melissa McKinney, Ross Nelson, Sara Fortin, and Toni Rosati


Here's to you, Toolik Lake!
Here’s to you, Toolik Lake!