Ode to Pluto

In honor of my favorite dwarf-planet’s first Instagram post, I’d like to share this poem I wrote in my 12th grade Literature class with Mr. Santoro in 2007, a year after Pluto’s demotion.

Oh glorious, icy ninth rock from the sun,
Your reign as a planet is over and done.
You lasted many more years than old Clyde dreamed,
But twenty-first century committees schemed.
They thought and they fought and soon it was clear,
The first definition we had held so dear,
Was no longer effective and indeed was wrong,
You don’t clear your orbit and you just don’t belong.
You orbit the sun and you’re shaped as a sphere,
Alas! Two out of three won’t cut it this year.
Schoolchildren cry loudly and their parents mourn
A Kuiper Belt object outcast and forlorn.