Deadhorse for a day… Or two… Or three…

Two days ago, my last research cruise of the summer ended and I disembarked in Prudhoe Bay/ Deadhorse on Alaska’s North Slope. My lab mate Christina and I were supposed to fly to Kaktovik yesterday to help set up for the Kaktovik Oceanography Program, which began today! Mother Nature, however, had other plans and we found ourselves delayed in Prudhoe for another night due to foggy conditions in Kaktovik.

retired oil rigs

While I know the Oceanography Program is in good hands with the master teacher and instructors that were able to get to Kaktovik, I want to be there so badly! As the Program Coordinator, I’ve spent hundreds of hours planning and organizing over the last year, so its frustrating to miss the first day! I’m crossing my fingers we’ll make it there before the program ends, though the weather forecast for the next few days is looking cold and foggy (70% chance of snow tomorrow!)…

the only trees in Deadhorse! (too far north for real trees)

Though this delay is stressful, there have been a few silver linings. Christina and I got to sleep in our own rooms for the first time in weeks AND we got to sleep in! Also, my good friend Sarah, who works at the Toolik Lake field station a few hours down the Dalton Highway, used her only day off of the week to come visit us! We cruised around in a borrowed truck sight seeing for a few hours. Some photos of the exciting sights of Deadhorse, Alaska are included in this post!

Sarah and me at the General Store
Christina and Sarah on our tundra walk